Sake Aikokai is a subscription sake club based in Stockholm with the purpose of promoting Japanese sake. By joining the club you will get hand-picked sake delivered to your favourite Systembolaget every other month, join Japanese food and sake tasting events around Stockholm and also enjoy exclusive deals with our partners.

Once you sign up to Sake Aikokai, you will receive an email with information regarding order and delivery dates for our next sake set. The sake set consists of 2 bottles of premium sake and will be available for purchase at Systembolaget. The price for the sake set will vary from 500 to 650 SEK and will be available for a limited time and quantities.

You will also get notifications for all upcoming events, deals and updates about Japanese sake, food and culture.

Please note that we currently deliver our sake sets to Systembolagets within Stockholm län only, however we are working to make it available in the whole country. If you are unable set your collection point in Stockholm län, please send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we have more information!

Join us now and do not forget to share the love 🙂